Goose2Our enthusiasm for Appalachian dance and music is a surefire crowd-pleaser. From large group choreography to cozy duets, we offer something unique to both toe-tapping casual spectators and workshop-going dancers of all levels—not just the opportunity to experience the music, but also a chance to be part of it.

We offer school programs, workshops for all ages, and performances of 15 minutes to full 1 1/2-hour concerts. We can cater to kids, teach experienced step-dancers new tricks, please the old-time music-loving crowd with a variety of tunes, and mesmerize audiences with fancy footwork while moving in intricate patterns. Our performances include choreographed dances based on square-dance formations, modern a cappella pieces, and other types of percussive dance including French Canadian step-dancing and English waltz clogging.

Availability: We are available primarily in the evening and on weekends, but we occasionally do performances on weekdays. No mileage restrictions.

Fee: Negotiable


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Wild Goose Chase Cloggers at Blue Ox 2023, full group

Wild Goose Chase Cloggers at Blue Ox 2023, ladies flying in air Wild Goose Chase Cloggers at Blue Ox 2023, hamboning