Downloadable version with stage plot

Technical Rider for the Wild Goose Chase Cloggers

Performing space: The dancers need, at a minimum, an area approximately 16′ wide by 12′ deep, to perform in. The optimal space would be 24’ wide by 20’ deep. The band can fit into almost any other space, or even be “off stage” if required. However, the band needs to be able to see the dancers during the performance.

Dance Floor: We prefer a solid wood floor, although a layer of plywood or masonite will work. Portable stages are fine, if the sections are clamped solidly together. We cannot dance on carpet, tile, stone, or concrete floors.

Mixer/Sound Board: We ideally need 8 channels (XLR inputs & phantom power, if possible).


5 instrument microphones (guitar, two fiddles, banjo, upright bass), 2 vocal microphones, 1 DI box (bass)

4 microphone boom stands

2 monitors in front of musicians

4 armless chairs (standard folding steel chairs are fine, or thrones)


2 floor microphones, 1 vocal microphone (Emcee)

2 short floor microphone stands, 1 straight emcee stand.

2 monitors (in front of or to the side of dance area)

Notes: This is our preferred setup for large stages. We can adapt it to accommodate smaller venues. There are 11 dancers and 5 musicians at most shows. We can provide our own stage or sound equipment for an additional fee. Thank you!